What is an Electronic Book (E-Book)?

An E-Book is described as an electronic book. However, before you can inadvertently dive into the specifics about these books, you need to have a strong understanding of what they are. An e-book is an electronic compilation of different information that can be accessed via the internet.An E-Book can be a novel, a collection of different stores, a manual to help you to some accord, or a document. In fact, there are many new inventions that have emerged that cater solely to these new electronic books.An E-Book can actually be anything that a writer wants it to be. They can be short or they can be extremely long. Many writers love to utilize E-Book writing in a means to get their stories read by a plethora of different people at one consecutive time.You may notice that some of these books may have illustrations that guide you through different things that you need to do, while others may simply have words that explain step by step instructions on how to accomplish certain tasks.The E-Books have made it a lot easier for avid readers to access information at the touch of a single button. This may be a great reason why so many people have begun to show an avid interest in these electronic books.Some of the E-Books that you may run across are available as downloadable files, while others may be used on CD-ROMs. Some publishers of these books may choose to own their rights to the information, while other writers are willing to sell their books in order to make a substantial profit for their copyrights.So, what makes an E-Book different from a normal book that can be found in print? Well, of course the main difference is the fact that these books are made to be read as an electronic document. You can view the information via the internet, or with a handheld device that can be used for solely E-Book reading.There are a variety of different formats that you can find E-Books in, however some of the most apparent formats are:HTML- this format presents your E-Book on a simple web pageAdobe PDF- when an E-Book is presented in this file it is meant to be read like a normal document, preferably with the software program known as Adobe reader.Microsoft LIT- This special format, is designed for Microsoft reader handheld consoles as well as the popular Pocket PCEXE- This format is popular for many non-fiction E-Books. This format allows the readers to review over the E-Book as if it were an actual book; they are also allowed to turn the pages.Depending on how an E-Book is produced, will depend on the basic kind of software that you must use in order to read the book. Most E-Books that you find on the internet are produced on PDF files. All that you need in order to read these books is a free download of Adobe reader to your computers main system.

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