Renewable Energy Vs Non Renewable Energy: An Assessment Of Both Forms Of Energy Production

There have been a lot of intense arguments for and against these two forms of energy production. This is because energy plays a very crucial role in our day to day living. Just imagine a live without essentials such as cars, lamps, refrigerators, etc which need energy to work. I sure bet it’s not a kind of life we crave, having seen the important roles these essentials play in our existence. However, it’s important to state that these two types of energy production have their advantages and disadvantages. This article aims to give an assessment of both forms of energy production.First off, we start with the non renewable sources of energy production…Non renewable energy is energy that comes from the ground and is not replaced in a relatively short amount of time. It’s also a source of energy which cannot be used again and again. Fossil fuels are the main category of non renewable energy and they include; coal, oil and natural gas.The major advantage of this form of energy production is that the energy sources like coal and oil are naturally present in the earth and mining them is relatively easy because of existing technology. And aside being relatively easy to mine, it’s cheap and as a result, they seem widely available and affordable.On the other hand, one of the major drawbacks of non renewable energy is that it is limited in supply and will one day be depleted. This is very much so because fossil fuels are formed from plants and animals that lived hundreds of million years ago and became buried under the surface of the earth where they transformed into combustible material which we now use. To get new fossil fuels would mean having to wait another hundred million years. Obviously, at the rate of our energy consumption, these fuels cannot occur fast enough to meet our current or future energy demands.Another major disadvantage of non renewable energy is that it is a major contributor to climate change as a result of carbon emissions from fossil fuels. In addition to this is the fact that fossil fuel mining and oil production cause irreparable damage to our environment, destroying ecosystems while they are been mined and polluting streams and lakes, killing its inhabitants.Talking about renewable energy now…Renewable energy is the energy that comes from renewable resources that create their own energy. These include natural energy such as bio fuel, biomass, tidal power, wind power, solar power, hydro power, geothermal, wave power.The advantages of this form of energy production are that it is non – polluting, renewable and efficient. In addition, is the fact that it can be produced with homemade systems.Its major drawback is that there’s a little bit of challenge in developing the capability to effectively and economically capture, store and use the energy when needed.Cost is also a drawback for renewable source of energy production but that is changing at the moment.Also, it’s important to mention that not all renewable energy sources produce clean energy. Wood is renewable but if you burn it in a fire place, it can be highly polluting. It releases the same amount of carbon if burned or left to naturally decompose.Now, putting it all into perspective, we would agree that non renewable sources of energy are going into extinction and as a result, considering new forms of energy won’t just be good for the environment, it will be absolutely vital in years to come.

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